Friday, June 17, 2011

PAA Announces Dates for Fall 2011 Grant Cycle

Hello Friends.  Do you have an idea for an art project that you've been tossing around in your head?  It's time to take a step toward making your project into a reality. We are getting ready for our final grant cycle as a member of the Wisconsin Arts Board regranting program.  PAA has been a recipient of the matched funds and support provided by this program since it's inception in 1994.   We are looking for artists and organization with proposals for art projects that will involve the community in some way.  
The dates for this grant cycle are as follows:
July 31 - Notify us of your intent to apply with a brief description of your project and a budget summary.
After your project has been approved, we will send you an application and provide you with assistance in writing and filling out the budget forms.
September 26 - Final applications are due.  We welcome applicants to turn in applications prior to this deadline for comments and the chance to revise before the final submission is due.
October 23 - Application review.  Panelists will meet and discuss your project and application.  You are invited to come and make a brief presentation.  Awards will be determined and you will be informed of decisions at this meeting.  

Please email us with any questions.   

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