ArtFUND - Funding the Arts in Door County Since 1994.

Currently, efforts are almost solely focused on our granting program, ArtFUND, supported in part with funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board (WAB.)  In 1994 the WAB established a regranting program in order to make funds more available to artists and arts organizations throughout the state.  Under this program, sixteen agencies throughout the state are awarded funds annually which must be matched by each of the organizations and then granted out locally to artists and organizations.  The PAA is honored to be the one of the original recipients of the regranting program.   Since it’s inception, the PAA/WAB partnership has distributed over $500,000 to artists and organization in Door County.  We have worked diligently to maintain a grant program that attracts diverse applicants, maintains tough standards, provides technical assistance for applicants and has in place a panel of professionals to evaluate applications. 

In addition to bringing exciting and inspiring arts and activities to Door County through ArtFUND, we strive to support local artists and organizations by giving them skills needed to apply for funding from other sources.  By assisting applicants in preparing successful applications, PAA equips the arts community in Door County with strong tools to use in writing future applications.  Our grant process has led some of our applicants to apply for future funding to organizations outside the PAA, including the Wisconsin Arts Board, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

PAA ArtFUND grants are currently awarded to individuals and organizations located in Door County, WI.  We look specifically for applications from new organizations and emerging artists or new projects from established organizations.  All applications must contain a public component, such as a lecture, exhibition or performance.  Individual applicants must partner with a 501(c)(3) to be their fiscal receiver.  And all recipients must be able to match the funds they are awarded through cash and or a combinations of cash and in-kind donations.  A more detailed explanation of eligibility, program goals and application procedures can be found at our website or by contacting the organization. 

Our success is evidenced by activities planned by the arts community and carried out for audiences of all ages.  These activities recognize the influence of the arts in promoting social reform, providing economic development and helping to build healthy communities.