Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am just back from sitting on the panel review board for Wisconsin Arts Board Artist and Community Collaborations grant. This was my second year on the panel. I have to say that after reviewing all these proposals from across the state really gets me really excited about what is going on right here in Door County. In this current grant cycle I have responded to many application requests, all for great projects. An important thing to remember as an applicant is to use me as a resource. I am here to help applicants through the process, which can be rigorous, but does not need to be intimidating. It is common for applicants to spend a lot time and energy writing a narrative, only to have failed to address one of the funding requirements or forgotten to proofread for clarity. These are the issues that a panel will pick up on during review. It's rarely about the excellence of the project itself. We, like the WAB can not fund every project. So give yourself an edge and contact me, even if it's just to read over what you have so far. Good luck in your applications.

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